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Intelligent Autoscaling | Application Performance Monitoring with Avi

Gaurav Rastogi
Posted on Nov 23, 2016 8:22:00 AM

Not very long ago, one of our co-founders wrote a post on the million-dollar question in the enterprise networking world. In that post, Ranga discussed how hardware load balancers cannot scale elastically, which is why even web-scale companies such as Facebook and Google leverage software load balancers for elastic autoscaling to match traffic requirements.
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Topics: Application Performance Monitoring, autoscale, metrics, Autoscaling, APM

Traffic Management | Autoscaling is the Key to Success

avatar Swarna Podila
Posted on Jul 28, 2016 11:11:39 AM

While Nintendo may have been confident with Pokemon Go adoption at its launch , I am sure they did not expect that viral, hockey-stick adoption. As Tarak Parekh, recently tweeted:
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Topics: autoscale, Traffic Management, pokemon go

Multi Cloud Deployment | Cloudbursting and Hybrid Clouds

Jason Price
Posted on May 10, 2016 8:30:00 AM

How many times do you hear the word “cloud” on a daily basis? What does it mean to you? Despite becoming a predominant buzzword, “cloud” means different things to different people, leading to confusion in many conversations. In talking with a multitude of customers, it’s becoming clear that many people view cloud computing as something that happens solely off-site, residing entirely at an external hosting provider. This assumption needs to be clarified, as cloud computing is meant to define a genre of architecture and operations, rather than just defining a location. The operational model is centered around consumption-based on-demand resources, automated workloads, and self-service provisioning – all of which can live entirely of-premises (public cloud), entirely on-premises (private cloud), or a combination thereof (hybrid cloud). Avi Networks brings these concepts to the load balancing space, easing the transition to cloud-like environments.
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Topics: autoscale, multicloud, scaleout

Scaling Load Balancers | Myth Busters: Scaling Can Take Weeks

avatar Grant Swanson
Posted on Feb 12, 2016 9:20:53 AM

A common challenge that most enterprises are facing today is their ability to scale out applications. From many vendors of application services we often hear a lot of buzzwords like elasticity, autoscale, and cloud bursting but the fundamental problem of knowing the traffic or transaction threshold beyond which applications and their load balancers need to be scaled, still remains. You may be wondering how that can be possible considering all of the advances in technology over the past few years. The reason, it turns out is that load balancing appliances that promise those buzzwords are really not equipped to deliver those capabilities. They are built on proprietary hardware (not portable across environments) and while they sit in the data path, they do not have transaction analytics that enable them to make intelligent decisions on application performance. These legacy Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) and load-balancing appliances are static and slow down operations.
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Topics: Load Balancing, autoscale

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