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Services Over Software: Have ADC Vendors Missed the Mark?

avatar Chris Heggem
Posted on May 23, 2019 12:48:11 PM

Since you’re on, you probably are familiar with the fact that we offer a software load balancer. Well, technically speaking, we offer load balancing services that are software-defined. This may seem like I’m splitting hairs, but it is actually quite significant.
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Topics: Software Load Balancer, software-defined load balancing, software load balancing, load balancer automation

What is a Load Balancing Fabric, And Why You Need One

avatar Chris Heggem
Posted on Apr 17, 2019 2:17:11 PM

When you enter a query into the Google Search Engine, thousands of containers distributed across a global network spring into action to give you results instantly. That is also how YouTube and Gmail work too.
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Topics: Software Load Balancer, automation, IT Automation, intent-based load balancer, Multi-cloud Load Balancing, load balancer automation

Load Balancer Automation: Avi Networks is to the Jetsons as F5 Networks is to the Flintstones

avatar Chris Heggem
Posted on Aug 16, 2018 10:41:45 AM

Visit or F5 Networks’ website and there will be no shortage of the word “automation”. In fact, both load balancing solutions sound very much alike according to their marketing teams, but in practice they couldn’t be more different.
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Topics: Autoscaling, automation, load balancer automation

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