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“Think with Portals” Across Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud Environments - The State of the Cloud: An Application-Centric Guide to Cloud Migration (Part 2 of 3)

avatar Chris Heggem
Posted on Mar 7, 2018 9:59:06 AM

Migrating to the cloud is a lot like moving to a new house. A measuring tape is vital to ensure your grand piano and other unwieldy pieces of furniture will fit. Many enterprises have loads of legacy applications and technical debt that can’t be ignored when attempting a transition to the cloud.
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Topics: Cloud Migration, Multi-Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Public Cloud, private cloud

Application Infrastructure | Requirements of IT Modernization

avatar Chris Heggem
Posted on Jun 12, 2017 2:36:12 PM

Enterprises must undergo a digital transformation. It is not a matter of if, but when. And most IT organizations are choosing now as the time.
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Topics: Service Fabric, Software Load Balancer, Application Architectures, Application Services, multicloud, Elastic Application Services Fabric, Distributed Services Fabric, Hybrid Cloud

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