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Smart vs. Dumb Load Balancers | Expect More With Smart Load Balancing

avatar Chris Heggem
Posted on Jul 6, 2017 11:35:20 AM

We haven’t expected much from our load balancers in the past. And why should we? Traditional load balancers had a relatively simple job (e.g. distribute traffic, SSL, some content switching), and functioned relatively well. End of story.
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Topics: Software Defined Networks, Load Balancing, Software Load Balancer, TCO, Elastic Scale, Elastic Load Balancing, Hardware, smart load balancing

F5 vs. Avi Networks: 9 Reasons Why Hardware Is Better Than Software

avatar Chris Heggem
Posted on Jun 14, 2017 9:34:01 AM

I originally joined Avi Networks because I believed they had a robust, software-defined application delivery solution. It could do everything F5 hardware load balancers could do… or so I thought. After one week on the job, I’ve realized that Avi Networks only cuts costs by up to 90% only because you aren’t paying for hardware—hardware that can do a lot of things that Avi Networks just can’t do. Let's take a look into hardware load balancers vs software load balancers.
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Topics: Software Defined Networks, Load Balancing, Software Load Balancer, f5 vs avi networks, hardware load balancer vs software load balancer

Server Virtualization | The Irreversibility of Progress

avatar Ted Ranft
Posted on Mar 22, 2017 6:00:00 AM

As a resident of New York I am fascinated by the history of this great city. The can-do attitude and swagger of “Gotham” but also the cultural diversity and complexity. As a technologist I am drawn to the mindboggling effort it takes to run an infrastructure necessary to support 8.4 million residents plus 1.5 million daily commuters who travel each day to the city for work. Urban life has always interested me. The photo above is a New York City street corner taken in 1887 only eleven years after Alexander Bell’s first long distance two-way phone call (between Cambridge and Boston). For the next 15 years both electric and telephonic wires would encase the city in an increasingly unorganized, dense web of entanglement. But progress marches forward. Legislation would be passed, money would be raised and the wires were soon moved underground only to be remembered in these old photographs.
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Topics: Software Defined Networks, Innovation, Avi Networks, software-defined load balancing

Network Operations | Simplify with Cisco ACI and Avi Networks

avatar Chandra Sekar
Posted on Nov 10, 2016 9:04:04 AM

This blog post originally appeared in Cisco's Data Center Blog site Software load balancers are making a big splash in recent times driven by developer-centric and application-led initiatives. Adding to this growing space of excitement is the up and coming Avi Networks (a Gartner Cool Vendor in Enterprise Networking 2016) which makes load balancers cool again!
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Topics: cisco, ADC, Software Defined Networks, Network Virtualization, SDN, SDDC, Software Load Balancer, Case Study

Software Defined Networking | The Change Control Blast Radius

Geoffrey Slater
Posted on Apr 27, 2016 12:00:00 PM

A minor change control has been approved, impacting only a small section of the network. However, the change is performed on shared network infrastructure such as firewalls or load balancers. Now comes implementation time, which is the ideal time for application usage but miserable for operators that value their weekends or evenings. Preparation is everything, the appropriate IT staff is on hand to conduct the change and the right business validators set to ensure success. Nothing unusual here and then…BAM! Something goes wrong. The NOC is inundated with calls and management system is lighting up like a Christmas tree.
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Topics: Software Defined Networks, SDN, Software Load Balancer, change control

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