Cloud Migration Strategy | Lift and Shift Apps to the Cloud

Chris Heggem
Posted on Sep 7, 2017 12:03:56 PM

A growing share of Fortune 500 companies are selecting Avi Networks to be part of their cloud migration strategy. These leading enterprise IT organizations realize that they need application delivery services that are born in the cloud to produce results in the cloud. In short, lifting and shifting applications from the data center to the cloud requires more than lifting and shifting legacy appliances from the data center to the cloud.

The shift to the cloud doesn’t mark just a shift in infrastructure, it marks a shift in process. Scaling infrastructure in the cloud doesn’t require CAPEX and doesn’t require racking and stacking. IT Operations receive streamlined and even automated processes in place of the manual and rigorous efforts in the data center. Application services must reinvent themselves to not only function in cloud environments, but also embrace the new automated and elastic processes that enterprises expect. As containers and microservices architectures become a new standard, legacy appliances (physical or virtual) simply can not provide the speed or scale necessary in the cloud.

Legacy load balancers are an example of technology that has been retrofitted to work in the cloud, but are incapable of thriving in the cloud. The core architecture is still appliance-centric and requires manual deployment, manual configuration, and manual scaling. Bringing legacy load balancers to the cloud defeats the purpose of moving to the cloud in the first place. Don’t take my word for it, hear from Smart Load Balancer and Legacy Load Balancer for yourself.


Leading enterprises know that to thrive in the cloud you need tools designed for existing AND cloud-based applications, architectures, and infrastructure. Many of the Fortune 500 are making the smart choice by future-proofing their load balancers. Review the eBook below so you can make the smart choice too.


Future Proof Your Load Balancing Strategy

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