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IT Professionals: Stop Fighting Fires During the Holidays

Chris Heggem
Posted on Nov 29, 2017 12:22:16 PM

The Holiday Season is upon us, and if you do business online, you understand the importance of performance and availability. We love the holidays because they prove, year after year, Avi Networks is the Next-Gen Application Delivery Platform. Many of the world’s largest retailers and financial services companies use Avi Networks specifically due to the value our software delivers during the holidays.

Murali Basavaiah, Co-Founder and VP of Engineering at Avi Networks, recently shared perspectives on why sites stand at risk of crashing on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. On Internet Retailer, Murali explains how your infrastructure, application delivery controller, and third party services can all cause poor performance or service disruption. With a better understanding of the reasons behind outages, it becomes apparent that Avi Networks’ modern architecture drives better results in 3 key areas:

Elasticity - As a site owner, you’ll experience a large influx of traffic between Thanksgiving and Christmas. You need a solution with the ability to scale at the speed of your business. Hardware solutions, and so-called “virtual” solutions that you still need to manually provision, will cost you both money and performance. Modern solutions, like Avi Networks, boast “Ludicrous Scalethat make brute-forcing your traffic spikes a trivial exercise.

Centralized Management - While many enterprises operate across multiple infrastructure environments (e.g. multiple data centers, or data center and cloud), most application delivery solutions still operate as silos. They provide discrete load balancing in each data center and discrete load balancing in each cloud. Avi’s unique architecture creates a services fabric that spans all data centers and clouds, so you can control and monitor your applications from a single portal.

Analytics - When things go wrong, you need to know why they went wrong, and you need to know as quickly as possible. Most solutions are black boxes that offer limited information about your application, infrastructure, and end-users. Avi Networks’ real-time analytics let you see what’s working, what’s not, and why. These analytics, along with the machine learning features of Avi’s Vantage platform, allow you to instantly resolve many issues before you or your end users ever experience service disruption.

If the holidays have you feeling more like a firefighter instead of a BADaaS IT professional, chances are Avi Networks can help. Check out our Black Friday Survival Guide for more information. You can also schedule a demo by using the button below to make the hectic holiday season a thing of the past.

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