Avi Networks is proud to join VMworld 2016!

Swarna Podila
Posted on Aug 24, 2016 7:56:03 AM

As a marketer, I always look forward to the event themes for tech conferences.  The theme and the associated captions illustrate the host company’s vision.


Look at VMworld, for instance.

We have seen seen the show's theme evolve from defying legacy and conventional IT, to having No Limits to address web-scale IT requirements, to being Ready for Any(thing)!

Fast forward to today; VMworld 2016 is gearing up with the “be__Tomorrow” theme!


Looking at this theme and these ideas, we are thrilled to join VMworld next week with a product that aligns perfectly with this vision.


Our founding team took a page out of Marc Andreesen’s “software is eating the world”. They had the vision to disrupt a market that had become stagnant with hardware-driven, appliance-based, and innovation-lacking load balancing solutions.  The Avi Vantage Platform is built on software-defined principles and is delivered as a fully API-driven software solution that can be deployed on standard x86 servers.

Software-defined Load Balancing for VMware

Organizations can now untether themselves from legacy, proprietary appliance-based application delivery solutions  and leverage the technology advancements in standard x86 servers.  Avi also enables enterprises to expand the role of the load balancer beyond application delivery to get unprecedented analytics, simplified troubleshooting, and predictive autoscaling while achieving web-scale IT benefits.



Join us at VMworld next week at booth #521 to learn how the Avi Vantage Platform, a software-defined load balancer, can deliver the benefits of scale, automation, self-service, and visibility, while lowering your total cost of ownership by more than 70%! 


Join us at our booth 521 for a short 5-minute demo and win cool prizes!


Topics: VMware, ADC, VMworld, Software Load Balancer, Autoscaling

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