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Ted Ranft
Posted on Nov 2, 2017 11:05:06 AM

One hundred and twenty-two years ago German physics professor Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovered the power of X-rays with the “X” signifying “unknown”. The hand on left on the image below is the first X-ray “radiograph” that Roentgen created of his wife’s hand in 1895. In today’s modern society it’s easy to take things for granted but prior to the invention of X-Ray machines, broken bones, tumors, or the location of shrapnel were all diagnosed by physical examination. Yikes! Exams involved guess-work, were prone to error, and were dangerous to the patient. I am grateful to live in today’s world of modern medicine where physicians have improved tools to diagnose and help treat illness and trauma without as much guesswork.

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In my field, Application Delivery, I see parallels to the improvements we've seen in medicine. Just as X-rays help provide visibility into our health, today’s software technologies can also help increase visibility into the health of our applications and networks.

It was with these concepts in mind that Avi Networks was founded in late 2012. Avi Networks founding team members Murali Basavaiah and Ranga Rajagopalan started from a design mindset, applying proven software-defined principles to application delivery.

How could they provide modern analytics and end-user application performance visibility in a real-time, scalable manner? How could Avi help network administrators to quickly react to network or application health problems that were often difficult to identify or diagnose?

The Avi Vantage Platform operates as a application fabric that allows you to capture application, user, server, and network data which is compressed and stored in a real-time data stream that runs through our analytics engine. The Avi Platform’s modern architecture separates the data plane of distributed software load balancers from the central control plane with the Avi Controller used for management and orchestration and analytics. The Avi Controller collects millions of data points in application telemetry from the load balancers to provide an analytics-driven approach to services beyond load balancing.

The modern architecture allows unprecedented visibility into application performance, network health, security status, and end user experience. This visibility enables network engineers, operations, and developers to get actionable insights into application performance—reducing problem identification down to minutes.

Each day I see the direct benefit of our platform and how this helps create value for companies using our software. The sophistication and visibility of our modern analytics engine helps Avi clients to resolve network trouble tickets an average of 4 hours faster than conventional solutions! In addition to better visibility into network and application issues, our platform delivers 70% lower total cost of ownership and 5X faster app rollouts.

Great design lifts us up and facilitates better outcomes. In our context, it can provide your organization with improved visibility into the true health of your network and applications. If you are in the networking or load balancing space give us an opportunity to demonstrate the impact a modern platform and improved visibility will have on your business.

Avi Vantage Architecture

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