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Load Balancer Provisioning | The 30-Second Load Balancer

avatar Ashish Shah
Posted on Sep 24, 2015 5:00:00 AM

When talking to customers, we often hear the term, "Self-service provisioning."  The reason is that enterprises want non-networking experts to have the ability to use an Application Delivery Controller (ADC) without having to rely on a network administrator. The goal of these enterprises is to drive application deployment as fast as possible. If you have to create tickets to get a load balancer configured, it severely impacts the efficiency of application development and deployment.  We were at a large multinational bank a couple of weeks ago and were astonished to find out that it takes about 27 days on average from the time an application developer requests a load balancer instance to the time the IT team actually delivers it. Imagine an AWS-like experience where any app developer can: Create a load balancer instance in less than 30 seconds Eliminate your network tickets and deploy your applications faster Give developers access to these network resources instantly.
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Topics: ADC, Application Delivery Controller, Load Balancing

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