Load Balancer Provisioning | The 30-Second Load Balancer

Ashish Shah
Posted on Sep 24, 2015 5:00:00 AM

When talking to customers, we often hear the term, "Self-service provisioning."  The reason is that enterprises want non-networking experts to have the ability to use an Application Delivery Controller (ADC) without having to rely on a network administrator. The goal of these enterprises is to drive application deployment as fast as possible. If you have to create tickets to get a load balancer configured, it severely impacts the efficiency of application development and deployment. 

We were at a large multinational bank a couple of weeks ago and were astonished to find out that it takes about 27 days on average from the time an application developer requests a load balancer instance to the time the IT team actually delivers it.

Imagine an AWS-like experience where any app developer can:

  • Create a load balancer instance in less than 30 seconds
  • Eliminate your network tickets and deploy your applications faster
  • Give developers access to these network resources instantly.

Since the Avi Networks ADC is built on 100% REST APIs, you can also have your own self-service portal that can automate the entire creation of load balancer instances. The centralized Avi Controller, which automatically manages the distributed data plane of micro-ADCs, is the single point of integration for the REST APIs. Compare this to the legacy load balancing appliances' hodgepodge of different interfaces where some features can only be accessed via CLI, some through the UI, others through SOAP or REST API. There is no single interface that can be used to automate the entire environment. 

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The final aspect to consider is the automation that Avi Networks brings through the centralized controller. The Avi Controller is a single logic ADC that can scale the distributed data plane to whatever capacity you need by spinning up load balancers in vSphere, OpenStack, and AWS environments, without creating tickets and without calling on networking experts. Try it for yourself by downloading Avi Networks ADC in your lab at




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