Optimizing App Server Performance | Scalability with Avi

Swarna Podila
Posted on Feb 22, 2017 7:58:00 AM

Ranga Rajagopalan, CTO of Avi Networks, met with Executive Director, Richard Harris of the App Developer Magazine to discuss the importance of having healthy app server performance and elasticity for businesses online today.

"As people are becoming more and more likely to turn to software as a means for entertainment, computer utility solutions, and everything in between, the load on a healthy business's servers can quickly max out. This can cause some major issues, i.e. leaving your customers suffering from horrible load times or even completely dead in the water."

In the discussion between Richard and Ranga, some topics covered include:

  • How is Avi's scalability any different than what load balancer vendors are currently offering?
  • What is the core enabling technology behind software-defined ADCs?
  • Is there a customer need for this level of scalability?
  • Other than scalability, what other trends do you see in the market?

Click here to view the full interview and learn how Avi's breakthrough scalability is truly changing the game. 

Scale from 0 to 1 Million TPS with Avi Networks

Topics: ADC, SSL, Load Balancing, Scalability

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