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Guru Chahal
Posted on Sep 28, 2016 6:15:23 AM

I am thrilled to share some exciting product updates with you today that our engineering team has been working on in close collaboration with some of our largest customers across financial services, technology and service provider verticals.

Our goal at Avi is to help ensure customers can deliver applications with high availability and security on any infrastructure while keeping close tabs on application performance. The core reason why we are able to do this is because instead of a legacy, appliance-based approach, we took a fabric-based approach to building out our platform. This enables our customers to deliver applications and monitor them from a central place across bare metal, virtualized, container, or public clouds environments.

Today we are announcing the extension of Avi's Vantage Platform so it can direct end-user traffic across multiple sites/locations and then autoscale Avi’s fabric as well as backend apps, within these locations to be able to handle application load. This new capability to direct traffic globally and autoscale apps across public and private clouds comes with the existing benefits of Avi’s architecture – a single point of management, and real-time visibility and insights into app performance from a central location.  

The adoption of public cloud (in fact, multiple public clouds) as an extension of on-premises infrastructure, has been extremely rapid. A recent survey by McKinsey highlights the fundamental shift (10% in 2015, to an estimated 51% in 2018) in the way enterprises use the public cloud environments as their primary environment. Within Avi’s customer base, a large majority are beginning to adopt public cloud and are engaging with us to replace legacy appliances with a modern, software-based elastic fabric that gives them a central point of control and management for all their application across both on- and off-premises environments.

Our fabric-based approach delivers several key advantages to customers as they adopt hybrid and multiple clouds as a single pool for their resources:

  • They are not locked in to the capabilities of any single load balancing platform – feature sets are consistent across all locations.
  • They get enterprise-grade load balancing regardless of the infrastructure chosen to deploy apps. That means no need to re-architect apps just to be able to move them to the cloud.
  • Operators can understand the relative performance of apps across different clouds with the visibility they get from Avi’s real-time telemetry. This ensures they can make decisions in real time on which clouds they should run their apps.

Three use cases have emerged as we’ve worked with our beta customers for this release.

Intelligent, Automated and On-demand Scaling of Application and Load Balancing Resources across Clouds

Avi enables enterprises to deploy applications in their data center and dynamically scale-out load balancers as well as application servers. For instance, say an application is deployed on-premises. In response to an increase in incoming load, Avi can scale out the load balancing fabric as well as the application. Upon hitting a preconfigured limit, Avi can start sending the spillover traffic to AWS and continue scaling the app and Avi’s fabric within AWS. Incoming traffic is then directed by Avi’s fabric to the site that offers the best possible experience for that end-user.



Just-in-time Scaling for Disaster Recovery

Enterprises can spin up a “skeleton crew” of resources in public cloud, to which Avi can redirect the application traffic from the main site in the instance the primary deployment site goes down.  Avi can rapidly and automatically scale-up both application and load balancing resources in this public cloud environment.


Consistent Multi-Cloud Operation

Our latest product update delivers intelligent traffic management with a consistent set of features across multiple clouds so our customers get highly granular visibility and application monitoring regardless of the infrastructure chosen to deploy their applications. 


Enterprise IT infrastructure is evolving rapidly.  Traffic management and application delivery solutions have to support infrastructure heterogeneity and abstract this complexity from IT operations offering a consistent experience no matter where the app gets deployed. Avi is committed to this vision and our product announcement today is another big step in that direction.


Guru Chahal.

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