Load Balancer Survival Tips | Survive the Holiday Surge

Swarna Podila
Posted on Jan 4, 2017 4:08:14 PM

As we look back at 2016 and the following stats, it is hard not to visualize the tremendous pressure presented to the online retailers and e-commerce vendors:

  • eCommerce traffic to U.S.-based retailers on Black Friday (Nov 25, 2016) increased by 9%1
  • Online shoppers spent $3.34 billion on Black Friday and $3.45 billion on Cyber Monday2
  • U.S. shoppers spent 4.2% less in stores over the Thanksgiving holiday shopping weekend3

Network services, such as load balancers, occupy a strategic position in the path of application traffic and therefore, play a critical role in ensuring your website’s or mobile application’s availability and user experience.  

With surges in online traffic that primarily occur during holidays, many retailers often overprovision their traditional, appliance-based load balancers.  Software load balancers such as the Avi Vantage Platform are elastic and scale-out automatically to meet traffic needs.  In fact, we wrote a blog series on ADC Mythbusters last year on why organizations do not need

  • Specialized hardware to achieve terabit-class scale in minutes
  • To overengineer to load balance their applications
  • Weeks (or months) of time to scale out load balancers
  • A separate APM solution to provide granular visibility into performance

As we march into with 2017, remember that it is still not too late for a New Year resolution.  Let our resolution for 2017 be to proactively tackle the challenge presented by a spike in online holiday shoppers/traffic.  Let our network admins and sysadmins have a pleasant holiday season as well!

Learn how Avi can help you stay prepared for peak online traffic to your website/application.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Load Balancer Survival Tips



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