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Customer Advocacy and Culture at Avi Networks

Ted Ranft
Posted on Feb 12, 2018 9:46:43 AM


This week we had the chance to come together as a team, toast last year’s success and discuss our ambitious plan for the new fiscal year. As with any high growth company, we do not always take the time to celebrate. Moments to pause and reflect are often lacking as the next mile-marker rapidly approaches on the horizon.

To blow off steam we host an internal departmental competition for the “Avi-Cup” (our version of the Stanley Cup). Good times, a lot of fun, planning, and laughs as sportsmen (and those perhaps not as sporty) take the field to valiantly defend the honor of their department. The photo above is one our engineering leaders hoisting the Avi-Cup after a recent field vs. engineering cricket match. I love this photo. If you are an engineer, there is nothing better than winning one over on the sales team.

Two of the ingredients that have fueled our journey to-date include world-class engineering and selfless customer success. As we gain more and more Fortune 1000 clients it’s exciting to see the very real benefits that we are helping to deliver. Delivering a solid business outcome is important. Avi Networks’ modern software platform helps to enable faster application delivery, automation, elastic scale, and 70% TCO savings which are benefits that go a long way toward building a trusted relationship.

However, I think the main theme I hear most often from existing clients is our relentless focus on a customer-first mindset. Customer advocacy is not just is the very careful attention that we pay to our clients to understand their problems and how we can develop our platform to support their requirements.

During our Kickoff Award Celebration, the recurring commentary for almost every award winner was the personal commitment toward the customer that they had made in the prior year. Example after example brought home the point. Although we are all different people with diverse personalities, interests, and hobbies, the central theme was commitment and self-sacrifice dedicated to helping our clients.

I’ve been fortunate to work for some of the most well-known and successful software brands in the industry, but it feels like there is something special about the never-say-die level of urgency that we have towards our customers. It is this attitude I think that is helping us to grow to new heights.

Company culture is difficult to force, and I am not sure we have a defined culture yet, but with that being said I think we have a great start. I am proud of our team and their relentless effort to put our customers first. Great technology combined with unwavering customer support seems like a nice combination. If you don’t feel you have the right partnership with your current ADC or load balancing provider we’d love to show you what we are made of…

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