Myth Busters: App delivery controllers cannot be included in CI/CD

Grant Swanson
Posted on Feb 4, 2016 5:00:00 AM

Self-service IT and automation are hot topics right now. Why? DevOps and test teams want to be able to have a highly efficient, "Do it Yourself" model. They also want to automate everything. Development, deployment and securing microservices, backup/restore of configurations, and autoscaling microservices are common automation targets. Avi Networks has brought much needed innovation to the ADC market that enables self-service and automation for application services.



Many enterprises are now using a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) framework to create better software. Having the ability to include application delivery or load balancing in their application development cycle completes the application stack.  DevOps teams can now deploy their apps to production in lightning speed compared to the weeks that it would take trouble tickets to get addressed with traditional ADCs. The ability to scale easily and program the application services dynamically with APIs means that they are also able to push new features into production without impacting users.

In a recent article from The New Stack, Guru Chahal, VP of Product at Avi Networks states that, "Advocates of IT-driven CI/CD make the case for automating the deployment process by breaking it down into small groups of repeatable steps. This process, they say, standardizes the organization’s approach to delivering software to production, while at the same time making the integration process more rigorous, and enforcing standards and practices."


The Avi Vantage solution provides a single point of automation which allows full ADC provisioning through REST API.  Users can configure, update, and deploy through REST APIs. This myth would be a fact with traditional ADCs because no other vendors have a solution like it. Here is a glance of what the Avi Vantage Platform user interface looks like:



Orchestration tools such as CFEngine, Chef, Puppet, and SaltStack can easily be deployed with Avi Networks for:

  • Configuration management of virtual servers, and pools.

  • Backup and restore configuration. 

  • Automating config creation through auto-generated config files. 

Another common myth about load balancers and ADCs has been busted as application development teams can include load balancing into their CI/CD framework and application development cycle. Check our our previous myth buster blog post to see how we provide visibility into suspicious activities of apps, infrastructure and user-experience. We will be happy to show you how this works - join us for our weekly “deminar” on Tuesdays at 11:00 am PST.


Topics: Rest API, Self-service, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

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