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Avi Networks Saves Companies Millions In Application Delivery

Chandra Sekar
Posted on Apr 11, 2018 10:32:24 AM

We know companies that use our intent-based application services are happy they chose Avi Networks. But we wanted to find out exactly how much benefit comes from using Avi Networks versus physical or virtual application delivery controllers.

Thanks to an IDC White Paper, sponsored by Avi Networks, titled: The Business Value of Avi Vantage: A Study of Enterprises Using Next-Generation Application Delivery, we have a number: $4.1 million. The findings of this study will be released in a webinar next week and all registrants will receive the paper following the event. The IDC Business Value Study determined the annual savings of six companies using the Avi Networks intent-based application services platform.

The analysis of data from six Avi Networks customers shows an annual savings of $4.1 million per company in cost and time. Additional business value highlights from the IDC White Paper include:

  • 47 percent lower operating cost
  • 43 percent more efficient application delivery controller management
  • 97 percent faster to scale capacity
  • A three-year ROI of 573 percent

Intent-Based Application Services

The Avi platform delivers intent-based application services including load balancing, web application firewall and service mesh capabilities. The platform’s distributed architecture gathers application intelligence and elastically provisions services across any infrastructure to achieve declared business outcomes.

As enterprises embrace digital transformation, the IDC findings underscore the importance of adopting multi-cloud strategies and successfully replacing monolithic application development with microservices.

“Existing application delivery infrastructure was designed for the client-server era, not for cloud-native environments that require the ability to scale up and down elastically,” said Brad Casemore, co-author of the IDC White Paper. “Application delivery increasingly needs to be more agile, elastic, distributed, and orchestrated. Avi Networks provides software-defined elasticity, automation, and flexibility in application delivery , and we were interested to learn how companies fared using the Avi Vantage Platform.”

Elastic Scalability Improves Performance

IDC interviewed six companies with an average employee base of 25,000 and annual revenue of $13 billion. They ranged from large enterprises to smaller IT service providers — two from the United States and four in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The industries represented included financial services, IT services, software and telecommunications.

The enterprises reported added annual value of $4.1 million by reducing the cost of hardware-based application delivery, reducing the time to deliver new load balancing capacity and improved network performance due to elastic scalability.

White paper participants said that moving to Avi Vantage changed the way they pay for and consume application services. Their business operations are no longer slowed by manual provisioning processes and they avoid the uncertain swings between insufficient load-balancing capacity or over-provisioning.

Digital Transformation Through Network Transformation

The IDC White Paper showed that Avi Networks creates value because its elastic scale promotes an efficient use of infrastructure without any over or under-provisioning. Automation allows processes to be scripted, which saves time and resources that previously were spent on manually completing tasks. With Avi Networks, companies can automate the provisioning and configuration of infrastructure and applications. In addition, the as-a-service model provides flexibility and saves CapEx. A company can upsize or downsize and even change cloud vendors based on requirements.

The IDC White Paper noted that by attempting to address the needs of both cloud-native application environments and more traditional enterprise application environments, Avi Networks represents aggressive competition to legacy companies in the application delivery controller (ADC) marketplace.

“More than ever, applications are the lifeblood for enterprises pursuing digital transformation. It’s essential that those increasingly cloud-native applications are delivered reliably, with agility and flexibility,” said IDC’s Casemore. “As such the need for software-defined, distributed application services will be great, and Avi Networks has built a platform that will allow it to serve enterprise customers that recognize – given the unprecedented importance of applications to their organizations’ success – that digital transformation can only be fully achieved in conjunction with network transformation.”

Casemore and Garrett Zorigan from ZOLL Data, an Avi Networks customer, will present the findings and share a case study on a webinar on April 17, 2018. The white paper will be published immediately following the webinar and sent to all webinar registrants.

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