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Ramkumar Sankar
Posted on Apr 13, 2017 9:30:00 PM

Digital transformation initiatives have led IT teams towards a software-driven world.  We see a similar shift in India as well, with the move to a Digital India.  The explosion in online transactions in such a short period in the country is a clear example.  For instance IRCTC, the Indian Railways online ticketing system, has seen an increase from 29 tickets per day to 13,00,000 per day!  Cashless transactions have gone to 25% from 5%!  We will witness an exponential increase in these numbers in the future.  As impressive as these numbers are, they only mean one thing for data centers - a spike in web/app traffic.  Enterprises are adopting cloud-native architectures in data centers to be agile in spinning up instances on-demand and to automatically burst capacity.  Load balancing and traffic management in these multi-cloud environments has now become more important than ever before.

The elastic Application Services fabric from Avi Networks is not only a cost-effective solution but also highly flexible and agile that can scale to the north of a million SSL transactions per second running on commodity x86 servers.  This software-defined architecture is a great fit for customers in India who are at the helm of digital transformation.  Avi Networks has now expanded our offices to help build and grow the R&D and operations to build software-defined application services that are already in use in at the world's largest financial institutions, services providers, technology giants, retailers, and more.

Located in the heart of Koramangala, Bangalore, our new office will support the global team to cater to the needs of growing Global 2000 customers, as well as those of the rapidly growing local market.  Our new office will house many functions including research and development, customer success, technical marketing, and sales.

Avi Bangalore.png

Here are a few pictures we would like to share with you:

Avi Bangalore with Murali.pngMurali Basavaiah, Co-Founder and VP, Engineering Inaugurates the Office

Avi Bangalore with Amit.pngAmit Pandey, CEO, Avi Networks celebrates with the team


Avi Bangalore CultureDay.pngResonating with Avi’s global work culture which lays significant emphasis on teamwork, the new office is designed for strong collaboration with an open office policy that provides a high intensity accelerated learning and yet a fun filled environment



Terrace Cafeteria


15724712_1252903408102523_2291663234659528088_o.jpgAn Avi Engineer skilfully maneuvering an ATV through rough terrains



Startup journeys are never short of adventures!


 Here’s what our team says about the new office space:

"Working on cutting edge technologies in a perfect startup environment at heart of Bengaluru can’t get better than this."

Vijayendra Singh, Member of Technical Staff

"Vibrant, bustling with energy and exemplifying team spirit.  Perfect base for Avi India to collaborate constructively, foster innovation and create lasting relationships."

Harsh Jaitly, Customer Success Lead

“Office location and environment are awesome “

Gangadhar S, Member of Technical Staff

“Our new office space is where the creativity of Avi’s orange meets best of its commitments. The doors to our new office are the doors to great enthusiasm and enriching spirit with which we all work towards a common goal of making Avi the best in its business!!”

Hiral Mehta, Member of Technical Staff

“Great place to work alongside such knowledgeable people. The company thrives on making their employees happy knowing it will make their customers happy. Being a part of a company where you refer to co-workers as a team is a great representation of how much trust is within the employees.”

Rajat Mahajan, Customer Success Engineer

“Excellent office!  Would be lovely to maintain this team culture for as long as possible”

Abhinav Modi, Technical Marketing Engineer

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