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Cloud Networking | 3 Vertical Lift Agents for Cloud Formation

Dhritiman Dasgupta (DD)
Posted on Aug 26, 2014 11:39:00 AM

3aEarlier, we talked about the challenges in transitioning from the datacenter to a cloud-based model ( Let’s take a closer look at the obstacles to the key enablers of the cloud: service delivery, service management and service economics.

1. Service Delivery: Providing an exceptional user experience within an unpredictable business environment is tricky. We must respond to user and application demands in real-time. We must strike a balance between planning for peak loads and eliminating the need for costly over-provisioning of resources. And we must be able to do all of this quickly, easily and affordably.

2. Service Management: Today, managing peak loads or conversely, putting underutilized resources in the cloud to work, is an imperfect science. This is because the ability to detect, diagnose and resolve problems with applications and virtual resources is limited. Without end-to-end visibility in the cloud, we’re often reduced to trial & error troubleshooting, wasting valuable time.

3. Service Economics: Maintaining an efficient, scalable cloud infrastructure can require large capital investments upfront. For example, accommodating business growth by adding more and more specialized appliances not only multiplies upfront costs, but also the number of appliances that must be managed. In order to provide affordable, on-demand services, it’s clear that decoupling software from hardware is the way to go.

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