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Swarna Podila
Posted on May 16, 2017 8:52:00 AM

Cisco announced the end-of-support of their ACE load balancers as of Fall 2015.  Cisco has executed on the end-of-life, end-of-service, and end-of-support plans for their Cisco ACE appliances.  Enterprises that currently use Cisco ACE for their load balancing needs have been strongly encouraged to search for an alternative before time runs out and find a solution that will prepare them for the modern enterprise requirements.

Avi Networks and Cisco have partnered to create an affordable solution for enterprises and service providers to replace their appliance-based load balancers with an elastic, software-defined architecture and achieve of total cost of ownership (TCO) savings of over 50%.  

Cisco ACE Migration with Cisco CSP 2100 and Avi Networks

With Avi Networks and Cisco CSP 2100, enterprises and service providers can now replace their Cisco ACE appliances with a flexible software load balancing solution on an industry-standard Network Function Virtualization (NFV) platform that scales elastically without breaking the bank.

Cisco CSP 2100

The Cisco CSP 2100 is a turnkey and open data center NFV platform for Cisco and third-party virtual network functions (VNFs). It virtualizes network functions to run them as software in a cloud-like environment.

The CSP 2100 supports virtualized networking components and automates network services with the following features:

  • Standard x86 servers
  • Virtualized and software-based functions
  • API-based approach
  • Elastic scalability
Avi Networks

The Avi Vantage Platform from Avi Networks provides a software load balancing platform that delivers on the NFV promise. Built on software-defined architectural principles, Avi Vantage delivers an enterprise-class application delivery controller (ADC) that delivers elastic, software-defined application services across any environment. These application services go beyond load balancing to include application analytics, security, application visibility, and predictive, on-demand autoscaling.

The Best of Both Worlds

Together, the Cisco CSP 2100 NFV appliance and the Avi Vantage Platform provide a turnkey load balancing solution on an elastic NFV platform, without any additional expertise being needed. Enterprises who adopt this solution will gain access to benefits such as:

  • Convenience of NFV appliance with the flexibility of software
  • Eliminates server and patch management concerns
  • High performance load balancing with elastic, on-demand scaling
  • Greater than 50% TCO savings with lower acquisition and operational costs
  • Powerful application, security, and end-user insights and analytics

With its software-defined architecture and real-time analytics, this combined solution enables predictive and intelligent autoscaling of load balancing resources through analysis of traffic thresholds. Enterprises and Service Providers can autoscale network services within a single CSP 2100 or across a cluster of several CSP 2100s.

Act Now!

Soon, users of Cisco ACE appliances will no longer have access to hardware support and need to start looking for a replacement solution before the upcoming end of support date. Cisco and Avi are offering a limited time offer to help make this transition easier for enterprises and reduce their overall TCO.

Global 2000 enterprises across all industry verticals have taken advantage of this offer and seen seen the flexibility and agility that the combination of the CSP 2100 and Avi Networks provide. Learn how we can help you save over 50% on your TCO compared to traditional load balancing solutions and replace your old proprietary hardware.

Migrating From Cisco ACE Just Got Easy With Next Gen Load Balancing

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