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Chandra Sekar
Posted on May 2, 2017 6:30:00 AM

Today Avi Networks and Red Hat spelled out the details of their collaboration to help enterprises develop and deploy production-ready microservices applications. The announcement comes on the eve of the Red Hat Summit in Boston. The joint solution with the Avi Vantage Platform providing container networking services for applications built on Red Hat Openshift will be demonstrated at the conference.

The nascent but fast-growing market for container based applications has created a rush for enterprise-grade tools that can support these applications. Nowhere is this need felt more than in application networking services for container environments. The functional decomposition of applications into a myriad services implemented on containers complicates application services such as load balancing. It is simply impractical to deploy a traditional hardware or virtual appliance in front of every microservice or container cluster. This realization is of course fairly quick among app owners and their operations teams. On the other hand, open source proxies which are a common alternative pursued by many teams are inadequate to address most container networking needs for production applications.

Avi Networks' Integration with Red Hat OpenShift


This is the gap that is addressed by Avi Networks. Avi has created an elastic container services fabric that is ideally suited for distributed applications. The solution consists of a central Avi Controller (control plane) that orchestrates a distributed fabric of Avi Service Engines (data plane) that are deployed on every node in an OpenShift cluster. The Avi Service Engines are service delivery points and share application telemetry in real time with the Avi Controller which analyzes the data to generate insights and coordinates the delivery of services. The Avi fabric provides load balancing, application dependency maps, service discovery (DNS and IPAM) capabilities, application insights including inter-service latency and performance data, and micro-segmentation to secure interactions between services. The Avi Controller also integrates with the OpenShift controller to mirror the dynamic nature of container applications.

The complete details of the Avi and Red Hat joint solution are available in this whitepaper. If you are like me and learn better by discussing and watching a demo, stop by at our booth #111 at the Red Hat Summit in Boston this week.

Application and Networking Services for OpenShift/Kubernetes Clusters


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