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Taking Avi Networks Out for a Free Spin on Microsoft Azure!

Abhinav Modi
Posted on Mar 29, 2018 1:59:13 PM

Whether you are shopping for a car or new electronics, experiencing it in action is essential to make an informed decision.

Why shouldn't this be the case for your software services purchases on Azure? Thankfully, Azure provides a way to do just that— take a service out for a test drive, no credit card required!

We recently introduced a test drive for the Avi Vantage Application Delivery Controller on Microsoft Azure. Once you initiate the test drive, you get your own sandbox environment to play with for 2 hours at no cost. A handy manual explaining Avi Vantage's unique architecture is available alongside. Use the manual to walk through provisioning Avi’s Azure load balancer in just a few minutes!

To be fair, I have asked one of our newest Avi Networks members, Lei Yang, to test it out. She is “click-savvy” and not afraid to be a bit ambitious on her test drive. It’s okay to have fun! Here are a few sample workflows she attempted and you can explore the same during your Avi test drive window.

  1. Self-service virtual service provisioning in Microsoft Azure
  2. Scale service engines to simulate massive traffic spike

Self-Service Provisioning

The setup is as simple as a few clicks. Once you are satisfied, simply click “Save”.


What you will notice is that within a few seconds, the new virtual service is ready to go. More importantly, Avi Vantage Platform immediately starts to collect analytics and detailed logs for every traffic activity. Open up the web browser using the public IP address, and start clicking around the application to simulate traffic. Select a “real-time” view and you can see that your actions have been captured as two spikes below. You can then access a detailed log that includes end-to-end latency and any response code information.



Auto Scaling
Now imagine it’s Black Friday. Your website is overloaded with requests and need to spin up more load balancers elastically to service the demand. Avi Vantage has built-in analytics to detect the surge in traffic and will automatically scale out more Avi Service Engines (SE). During this test drive, let’s manually “Scale Out” a new SE with a single click. You can see that “Avi-se-ozcas” can spin up in seconds and start sharing the traffic load. If you want, we can also take over the decision to autoscale the application servers in the Virtual Machine Scale Set so that you have more application capacity to handle the eager shoppers.

Notice that this is a simulation exercise but there is nothing preventing you from automating the entire scaling process with Avi’s REST APIs. You can integrate into your existing orchestration framework such as Ansible Playbooks and test suites in your CI/CD pipeline.


You can also “Scale In” the original SE “Avi-se-bqaox”. You will see the new SE “Avi-se-ozcas” automatically takes over as primary. Once the shopping season is over, we’ll detect the dip in load, and scale in the application servers and the Service Engines—saving you the cost of over-provisioning and static capacity planning (often limited by appliance-based load balancers).


As you can see that you can try out a complete lifecycle management workflow in this environment without worrying about breaking things. You can find more information in our documentation and try out other workflows. Once you're done, the sandbox gets cleaned out automatically—no hassle of a setup that you need to manage or pay for.

To learn more about using Avi in Azure and other public clouds, please check out our documentation page Avi Autoscaling in Public Clouds or watch the Avi Networks on Azure Overview and Demo video: 



 If you like your experience and are looking for a longer demo or a discussion with our team, do contact us.

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