Container Based Applications | Load Balancing Approaches

Swarna Podila
Posted on Jan 25, 2017 11:20:13 AM

Traditionally, applications were built as giant pieces of monolithic technology that were deployed on a single appliance and managed by a single IT team.

Increasingly, the industry has moved to a microservices-based application architecture where the monolithic application is broken down into logical and functional groups.  These microservices applications must communicate with other microservices apps often, to deliver a seamless end-user experience and can be deployed on any server or any cluster of containers.  This presents a service discovery challenge where enterprises may run the risk of delivering "broken applications".

Our CTO, Ranga, recently wrote about this service discovery challenge and the approaches enterprises must adopt to achieve a successful load balancing architecture for microservices applications and cloud-native architectures.

Read Ranga's article here (originally published on The New Stack).

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Topics: Microservices, The New Stack, Distributed Services Fabric, Elastic Application Services Fabric

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