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Introducing Avi SaaS — The First SaaS Load Balancer with Multi-cloud Capabilities:

Chris Heggem
Posted on Oct 30, 2018 9:51:50 AM

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Avi SaaS, a cloud managed solution to deliver Avi's load balancing, WAF, GSLB, and service mesh across multi-cloud environments.

For too long load balancing has been confined to an appliance or a single infrastructure environment, fracturing tools and teams with hybrid and multi-cloud initiatives. Avi SaaS overcomes these limitations by delivering consistent services across every environment, on-premises and any cloud. Combine enterprise-grade features with the ease of deployment of cloud-provider solutions (without being tied to a single environment) — and that's Avi SaaS!



SaaS Load Balancer and Application Services

Avi SaaS complements Avi’s flagship product, the Avi Vantage Platform, by delivering the Avi Controller as a cloud-managed service. Avi’s SaaS model delivers the fastest path to productivity for provisioning load balancers, monitoring application performance in real time, and rapidly resolving application issues. Avi’s central control plane is wholly provisioned and managed for customers by Avi, with the Avi Service Engines (distributed load balancers) deployed close to the applications that enterprises own.

So why did we do it? Avi’s SaaS delivery model and architecture provide several unique benefits:

  • Faster time-to-value — Avi SaaS helps enterprises get an easy start to delivering application services. Businesses reduce time-to-market for applications since administrators can simply login into Avi’s cloud-managed SaaS controller and configure virtual services and policies for their applications.
  • Operational simplicity — Avi SaaS simplifies the management and maintenance of application services by removing the need to manage cloud or on-premises infrastructure. IT operations and networking teams can focus their attention on delivering self-service, automation, and issue resolution for application owners.
  • Deployment flexibility — Avi SaaS delivers the same enterprise-grade feature set as Avi Vantage giving enterprises the freedom to deploy Avi software the way they want to – managed by their IT teams or by Avi.
  • High performance and low cost — Avi SaaS brings the best of both worlds to customers by deploying the distributed load balancers close to applications while delivering central policy and lifecycle management as a service. This deployment model lowers operational costs while ensuring high throughput.

Ashish Shah, VP of Product Management at Avi Networks, provides a good overview and demonstration of Avi SaaS in action.



Avi SaaS is available for sign-up and you can learn more at You can also join us for a webinar, Easy On-ramp to Multi-Cloud Load Balancing with the Industry's First SaaS Load Balancer Solution. 

SaaS Load Balancer Webinar

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