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Goldilocks and the 3 Load Balancers

Chris Heggem
Posted on Sep 4, 2019 1:25:43 PM



Once upon a time there was an enterprise application named Goldilocks. She decided to explore the local tech show.


Goldilocks discovered a booth with three different load balancers—a legacy appliance load balancer, a cloud load balancer, and an advanced load balancer by Avi Networks, Now Part of VMware.

When she didn’t see any reps from these companies around (salespeople, amiright?), she walked in and made herself at home.

Goldilocks saw each load balancer configured services differently. Goldilocks was hungry for services.

goldilocks-hardware-load-balancerShe tried to deploy services using a legacy appliance load balancer. She had to manually provision active-standby pairs and these appliances only worked on-prem.

“This process is too slow!” she exclaimed.


So, she tried to deploy services using the cloud load balancer. The process was much faster, but she didn’t have a lot of features. It wouldn’t be able to support her business critical functions.

“This process doesn’t have the enterprise-grade features I need,” she said.



So, she tried to deploy services using the NSX Advanced Load Balancer by Avi Networks.

Instantly— without writing a single line of code — Goldilocks received services across on-prem and cloud environments. The controller’s automation and multi-cloud features made it easy.

“Ahhh, this process is just right,” she said.

Next, Goldilocks wanted to test each load balancers’ ability to scale. She walked around the corner where she saw three chairs.


First, Goldilocks sat in the legacy appliance chair. It was massive and impractical. She realized it was over-provisioned.

“This chair is too rigid!” she exclaimed. “It is so inefficient!”


Next, she sat in the cloud load balancer chair. But it lacked support and wasn’t very comfortable.

“It’s elastic, but it can’t support an application like me,” she whined.


Finally, she tried the NSX Advanced Load Balancer by Avi Networks. It was perfectly provisioned to address her needs and had the enterprise-grade features that made her very comfortable.

“Ahhh, this chair is just right,” she sighed. “It’s the perfect balance of flexibility and support!”

By this time, Goldilocks began to feel tired and slow. Something wasn’t right. She wanted to see how each load balancer could help her troubleshoot her problem.


She went upstairs and climbed up on the legacy appliance bed. Clang! It was too hard. She would need a team of network engineers to sort through a tcpdump to pinpoint the problem.


So, she tried the cloud load balancer bed. The status light was red which meant something was wrong, but she would have to bolt on additional tools and services to troubleshoot the issue further.


So, she lay in the NSX Advanced Load Balancer bed. It was just right. Immediately, she had full visibility into application and infrastructure performance. The Advanced Load Balancer identified and addressed several network anomalies that were slowing her down.

Within seconds, Goldilocks became resilient and achieved a perfect health score.

Just then the sales reps came back to the load balancer booth.


“Someone struggled deploying my load balancer,” grumbled the legacy vendor.

“Someone couldn’t deploy enterprise-grade features with my load balancer,” cried the cloud vendor.


“Someone had a great experience deploying my services across on-prem and cloud environments!” said the rep from Avi Networks, Now Part of VMware.

They walked over to the elasticity environment.


“Someone realized my load balancer is not elastic,” grumbled the legacy vendor.

“Someone realized my load balancer doesn’t support enterprise applications,” cried the cloud vendor.


“Someone had a great experience scaling enterprise-grade application services!” said the rep from Avi Networks, Now Part of VMware.

They decided go upstairs to the troubleshooting environment.


“Someone couldn’t troubleshoot with my load balancer,” grumbled the legacy vendor.

“Someone couldn’t troubleshoot with my load balancer either,” cried the cloud vendor.


“Someone instantly resolved an issue and now has a perfect health score!” exclaimed the rep from Avi Networks, Now Part of VMware.

For Goldilocks, the decision was clear. She chose consistent, automated, and intelligent VMware load balancing services for her data centers and clouds.


This Beyond Application Delivery as a Service solution even came with a BADaaS shirt! Together, Goldilocks and VMware scaled happily ever after.


Want a printed copy of the Goldilocks and the 3 Load Balancers book? Schedule a demo and mention the book in the additional information field.

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