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Enterprises Demand “Load Balancing-as-a-Service”; Avi SaaS Wins Gold

Chris Heggem
Posted on May 7, 2019 11:38:45 AM

Infrastructure is transforming into a services model. For example, enterprises now focus less on physical servers and individual virtual machines; instead, enterprises focus on acquiring compute resources via cloud services. But this shift isn’t just happening with compute, it’s happening all across the tech stack as outlined in Deutsche Bank's recent case study with Avi Networks.

The “as-a-service” model provides several key benefits for enterprises:

  1. Consumption-based efficiency. For so long, infrastructure resources were over-provisioned to meet demand. Excess hardware, software, and licenses were necessary to react to spikes in traffic and predicting demand was almost impossible. The services model allows you to consume exactly what you need and charges you based on your consumption. Now enterprises can be much more efficient with their budget and resources, and a spike in demand results in a slightly higher bill instead of an outage that costs the business significantly more.
  2. Automates routine decision-making. Spinning up a VM and applying security policies are tasks that happen every time an application is deployed, updated, or scaled. In appliance-based infrastructure, these steps are still performed manually and require excessive amounts of time to complete. In a services-based world, all of these tasks are automated. This relieves your team from monotonous, time-consuming tasks and allows them to be more strategic and proactive.
  3. Reduced operational complexity. Enterprises are relying more on multi-cloud environments and are quickly realizing that providing consistent application services across clouds and data centers increases complexity. For instance, each cloud provider’s native load balancing and WAF services work differently and offer different performance and functionality. Maintaining consistent services with high performance and enterprise-grade functionality across every environment can only be delivered with an “as-a-Service” solution that abstracts the dependencies of the underlying infrastructure.

ABA19_Gold_WinnerIn addition to offering load balancing "as-a-Service", Avi Networks offers Avi SaaS — an Avi-managed and hosted service to simplify load balancing to your applications across any environment. The faster time-to-value, operational simplicity, and flexibility offered by Avi SaaS was recognized for its innovation with a Golden Stevie award in the New Products: Infrastructure as a Service category.

This recognition for Avi SaaS highlights the shift that enterprises are making as they seek to deploy more applications across more environments than ever before. These “as-a-Service” offerings for infrastructure, platforms, and application services — like load balancing and WAF — are key to enterprises realizing their goals.

Learn more about Avi SaaS by visiting the Avi SaaS product page.

Topics: Innovation Award, Multi-cloud Load Balancing

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