Digital Transformation | Completing the Last Mile

Chris Heggem
Posted on Aug 31, 2017 10:22:15 AM

You can't work in enterprise IT without hearing the phrase "digital transformation". This trend usually refers to the adoption of the cloud, containers, and microservices, or the use of automation and modern approaches. While initiatives to explore and implement these technologies abound, few are experiencing the promise of digital transformation.

Ranga Rajagopalan, CTO at Avi Networks, discusses digital transformation in detail on Forbes in an article entitled "The Last Mile of Your Digital Transformation". In the article he identifies 3 converging trends that are responsible for the rise of modernization efforts:

  • Growth and shift in customers.
  • Evolution in applications and architectures.
  • Adoption of public cloud.

With change across customers, applications, and infrastructure, enterprises need to consider the implications that advancements in these areas may have on the business—specifically how transformation directly affects the other trends mentioned above. For example, migrating to the cloud impacts your applications and customers. Similarly, containerizing applications and adopting microservices architecture impacts infrastructure decisions.

As Ranga explains, "No enterprise can complete its digital transformation until it can connect the dots between its customers, applications and infrastructure. This is the last mile."

Read the full article on Forbes to learn how enterprises can strategically approach digital transformation and successfully complete the last mile.

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