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Dhritiman Dasgupta (DD)
Posted on Aug 24, 2014 9:50:00 AM

ChasmWith any disruptive innovation, there will always be innovators and early adopters who eagerly jump on the bandwagon. Today, we’re seeing more and more businesses move to the cloud as users take advantage of its utility-based model and associated economic benefits. So why isn’t everyone “crossing the chasm” and what will it take to persuade the late majority and laggards to move to the cloud?

When I look at what businesses need to be cloud-ready, a lot of what’s needed is in place. But one big weak link is the service delivery model, which still requires too many pre-determined (i.e., slow and costly) decisions. This is a valid objection when moving to the public cloud.

Unlike in a traditional data center, service delivery in the cloud must operate like a utility, smoothly managing peaks and valleys of the demands users and apps produce. So the transition to this new model introduces new challenges, among them:

  • How can we be more predictive in determining when and where to allocate resources, and more agile in responding to change in real-time?
  • How can we easily scale our infrastructure without adding additional complexity and management overhead?
  • How can we balance cloud resources to optimize utilization?

While Avi Networks is still in stealth mode, here’s a hint: we believe these issues have merit and new innovations to enable software-defined datacenters are just around the corner. Bookmark and visit us at VMWorld, San Francisco - Booth#329.

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